Valve Maintenance


Fast and Onsite 

Detailed Post-Project Reporting

Improved Process Quality

Valve Preventative Maintenance

What is Valve Maintenance?

Hygienic valves are essential to process efficiency and product quality. Proper function prevents potential product contamination/loss and the risk of recall.

Maintenance of hygienic valves involves removing the valves from the process line, disassembly, sanitation, and the replacement of valve seals. 

Valve maintenance also includes the service and adjustment of control tops to ensure proper actuation and communication with the automation system. Improper calibration can result in faulty valve function.


Why Should I Service my Valves?

That is a very common question that we get asked by our customers. Why do these seals need to be replaced? and how often? Seals need to be replaced for a number of reasons: potential product loss, risk of cross-contamination, quality assurance, etc. As seals begin to be compromised, they can be a perfect harboring spot for bacteria growth.

Replacing seals on a regular schedule can greatly reduce the risk of introducing bacteria into your product. Now comes the question: how often? This is different with every customer. However, here are some timelines that we have noticed while performing these services.


What Will Be Provided?

​Weidner Plant Services will provide the necessary technicians, tools, and parts to complete your Plant PM program. The equipment to be worked on will be determined beforehand. Here are additional services that will be provided:

  • LOTO Verification 

  • Project management before, during, and after project.

  • Reporting of pass/fails to assist in gathering data to better design your PM program.

  • If needed, assistance with I/O checks to assure a seamless start-up.

Valve Maintenance