Control Top Maintenance

Keep communication between automation and control working properly. We fix GEA control tops and ship them back to you.

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GEA Control Top Repair​

Controlling and monitoring hygienic valves is critical for proper process management. After extensive use and frequent valve servicing, it is possible for control tops to develop several types of problems from pneumatic leaks to failing solenoids. Our control top service can extend the usable lifespan of your equipment and defray the cost of purchasing new. Our in-house control top repair capabilities allow us to service all replaceable components, adjust, and test control tops using 24VDC, Analog, and ASi interfaces.

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What will be provided?

Upon receiving your control top, we will perform an assessment to determine the necessary repairs.
If the cost of repair rises to 50% of the cost of a new unit, we will notify you prior to moving forward with any repairs. Our standard service includes:

1. Equipment Diagnosis
2. Part Replacement
3. Equipment Testing
4. Calibration/
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