PPE Extractors and Dryers

Ready Rack

Ready Rack PPE Washers, Dryers, and Storage

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PPE Washers

Ready Rack carries NFPA compliant washing machines for firefighter gear, as well as PPE wipes, and station cleaning supplies. We want to keep you and your department personnel safe from the dirt, debris, and chemical exposure from the front lines. Our commercial-quality laundry equipment removes carcinogens and other contaminants while also protecting the integrity of your turnout gear and hoses. You can benefit from the safety and efficiency of our specialized bunker gear cleaning tools.

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Turnout Gear Storage

Fire department storage setups are vital to easy inspections and quick response times. At Ready Rack, we carry firefighter gear storage racks, and lockers in modular wall-mounted, mobile, and freestanding versions to offer you the right option for your department. Our “Red Rack” and “Ready Rack” turnout gear storage solutions are heavy-duty, user-friendly, and fully customizable. Hose carts, bottle carts, SCBA shelves, and other rack accessories keep your station layout clutter-free and your bunker gear accessible.

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Turnout Gear Drying

Sometimes you have time to air dry your bunker gear, and sometimes you just don’t. At Ready Rack, we’ve got you covered for any event. Our PPE hose drying cabinets maximize airflow while protecting equipment integrity. We also carry heavy-duty air-dry laundry racks explicitly designed for firefighters in both wall-mounted and mobile versions. Durable, steel-drying stands and hangers for hoses, boots, gloves, coats, and other PPE are available to round out your department’s firefighter laundry drying solutions.