Disinfection Systems

CURIS: Decontaminate with Confidence

Equipping first responders with comprehensive disinfection solutions is at the heart of CURIS technology. We understand your disinfection system needs to be proven, effective, versatile, easy to use, not cause harm to people or equipment. Does your disinfection system pass the test? 

Positive Effects of Using CURIS Disinfection

CURIS is trusted by EMS, Fire, Emergency Prep, and Hospitals across the U.S. to meet their high-level disinfection needs. Using CURIS, an EMS department in one of the hardest hit counties during COVID achieved a 4% absentee rate versus a 37% rate for its neighboring counties. This success is not limited to EMS, however. Emergency preparedness experts implemented CURIS in every sector of their Healthcare Coalition disinfection efforts, assisting hospitals, EMS, longterm care, vaccination distribution locations, and more in helping reduce risk and prevent transmission of COVID-19. 

High-Level Disinfection is Essential Now and for Future Pathogenic Threats 

As first responders, you never know what pathogens you may encounter during an emergency, so it makes sense to use the highest level of disinfection available. Many current decontamination products kill only easy-to-kill germs and eliminate only 99.9 - 99.99% of pathogens, leaving thousands of pathogens behind. Since it only takes 1-100 viable bacteria or viruses to infect a person, comprehensive disinfection of 99.9999% is essential. CURIS is EPA-registered, on the EPA Lists K & N, and kills 99.9999% of hospital superbug C. diff, even in a tri-part soil load. 

Versatility and Ease of Use

Since germs don’t just stay in one place, choose a system that can go anywhere pathogens may travel. CURIS System offers the options you need.

CURIS System is easy to implement with its hands-free fogging, using the device itself or porting in via extension nozzle, so you never have to enter a contaminated space. CURIS’ automated hand sprayer is as easy as point and spray. 

Fog: Automated, Hands-Free Disinfection

Empower your staff and protect your facility with remote or manual operation that’s EPA registered and validated thanks to CURIS portable disinfection devices. Designed to help reduce human error, the hands-free system with remote operation and auto calculation allows you to monitor, manage, track, and report quickly to prove and improve your decontamination efforts. 

Hand Spray: Targeted Disinfection

Quickly disinfect large or outdoor spaces with the greatest of ease.  Outdoor: vehicle doors, hand rails, garages Indoor: call centers, hallways, stair rails

No Harmful Residues: Do No Harm 

Unfortunately, many EMS and fire departments have learned the hard way that some chemicals leave harmful, corrosive residues. It is important to look beyond advertising claims to the ingredients of the products. Products containing chlorine dioxide mixed with ammonium chlorides may corrode surfaces like electronics or plastics, since the ammonium chlorides can keep the oxidizing ClO2 in contact with the surface for extended periods of time. CURIS’ solution is comprised of hydrogen peroxide, which decomposes to simple water and oxygen, leaving no sticky, harmful residue. 

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EMS Ambulance Disinfection with CURIS System