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BAUER is known worldwide for compressors, especially in firefighting, diving, military, offshore, industrial, and medical applications.  Each product within our breathing air portfolio is specifically designed for the end-user application, ranging from small mobile systems, to very large stationary systems.

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Bauer Compressors

All-in-one Units

BAUER All-In-One units can do what we do best: provide the best in the industry with features that you can typically only find with us. We combined our state-of-the-art compressors with one of our high-pressure breathing air purification systems, and dropped in an air storage cylinder rack so you can fill up your SCBA and SCUBA cylinders, either directly from the compressor or from the optional air storage system. BAUER offers two (2) modes of pneumatic operations, either with manual controls incorporated within the UNICUS® 4S, or fully automated controls on the UNICUS® 4i. Additionally, each model incorporates an intuitive operations panel-mounted HMI, ensuring that the operator can ergonomically control and monitor all system functions. BAUER offers several system options, allowing you to customize the system to meet your department's specific requirements. BAUER also offers a Fire Edition on our UNICUS® 4S, with a customizable design to fit right at home in your fire station.

Air Purification Storage

The BAUER 5.5 Series of Containment SCBA/SCUBA Fill Stations (CFS 5.5®) are similar to our CFSII Series. The CFS 5.5® containers were independently tested to the same rigorous standards and stringent test parameters (dictated by NFPA 1989 and NFPA 1901) as our CFSII Series. However, in testing the CFS 5.5® Series, BAUER utilized 110 cubic feet, 5500 psig SCBAs, in lieu of 88 cubic feet 4500 psig SCBAs.Formed plate steel and fewer weldments help maintain structural integrity while at the same time reducing size and weight. Our ergonomic “easy load” door design allows the operator to open and close the door with less than 18 pounds of force without hyper-extended hand and wrist movements.

Breathing Air Trailers

BAUER Trailers are multi-stage compressors on wheels!  We start with a chassis and enclosure assembly, engineered, designed, and built by BAUER. We ensure a robust foundation, built for the stresses and strains of the Fire Service, rather than a lightweight trailer built in support of a multitude of commercial applications.  Each system includes a two-position SCBA containment fill station, fill control panel, two to four (2-4) 6000 PSIG air cylinders, and more.


BAUER offers a complete line of high-pressure breathing air purification systems, automated cascade systems, and of course, our CFS 5.5® series SCBA/SCUBA containment systems. BAUER storage systems are also available for 5000, 6000, and 7000 psig applications, utilizing either UN ISO or ASME coded cylinders. For the full range of units and accessories, look to BAUER.

Vertical Solutions

In the firefighting world, fit matters. From the masks you wear, to the layout of your station. When you're looking for the perfect fit, you shouldn't worry about sacrificing on quality. For over 75 years, BAUER has been the leader in providing breathing air solutions for firefighting. Our VERTICAL Family is a full range of high pressure breathing air compressors designed with the flexibility to fit any station and any budget. From our economical VERTECON® package, all the way up to our VERTICUS PLUS™ sound attenuated compressor system, complete with a multi-functional fill station module. BAUER provides a solution for everyone. Contact us to find out which solution is the best fit for you.