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Gas analytical solution with integrated autovalidation for process quality monitoring in refineries


Measuring composition and impurities in refinery gases to optimize process efficiency and hydrogen quality

H2S in refinery fuel gas


Refinery fuel gas is a collection of light hydrocarbon gases. To meet environmental regulations the concentration of H2S in fuel gas is monitored before burning instead of SO2 after combustion. Typical range: 0-300 ppm.

Traditional approach

  • On-line gas chromatography (GC) has high consumption of carrier gases and requires frequent maintenance and calibration

  • Lead-acetate tape analyzers use consumables that require maintenance and special handling to dispose of tape which is classified a hazardous waste

Our solution


Accurate measurements by SpectraSensors' unique “Differential TDLAS Spectroscopy” helps address changing fuel gas composition with automated 2-point daily validation

Typical analytes and measuring ranges

  • Analyte: H2S - Range: 0-10 to 0-300 ppmv

  • Analyte: H2O - Range: 0-10 to 0-500 ppmv

SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png
SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png